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South Hub community connects at recent All-Hands meeting
Dr Da Silva, a co-PI in the Smart Grids Big Data Spoke and  Department head, Computer Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University was present, as a representative, at the meeting held on Friday, June 9 where more than 90 people from across sectors and disciplines—academia, government, nonprofits and industry—met at the Microsoft Chevy Chase Pavilion near Washington, DC, to assess the progress of the South Big Data Hub and shape its future.  The second South Big Data Hub All-Hands meeting was a day of catching up on current efforts and sparking new collaborations.

For a wrap up of the meeting and links to slides and other meeting materials, click here.

Prospective Applications of Synchrophasors in Voltage Security and Out-of-Step Protection – Invited Seminar with Glauco N. Taranto, Ph.D., (COPPE/UFRJ, Brazil), April 23rd, 2015, 4-4:50pm, WEB 236C. The seminar was courtesy of the Electric Power and Power Electronics Institutes.