Computational and Data Storage Facilities

Grid Data Repository
The Grid Data Repository is an online library of grid models developed for the Department of Energy. It was financed under an award from the Advanced Research Program Agency-Energy (ARPA-E), as part of the GRID DATA program to support new research in grid modernization. The Repository organizes data from disparate utility industry sources, public data generated by the grid research community, and new grid models being created under the ARPA-E GRID DATA program by several research project teams. The Grid Data Repository can be reached from the website.

The Grid Data Repository can be reached from the website.

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Canadian Datasets of Vehicles (not EVs)
A public Canadian data set of vehicles considered not EVs that covers 70 different cars for a period up to one year and more. A vehicular dataset of driving behavior within the perimeter of city Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada is available at the University of Manitoba Mspace. The data set has differentiated the location of vehicles as Parked at Home, Street, Shopping.

RENCI | Renaissance Computing Institute
Since 2004, RENCI has served as a living laboratory fostering data science expertise, advancing software development tools and techniques, developing effective cross-disciplinary and cross-sector engagement strategies, and establishing sustainable business models for software and services. Our work aims to stimulate long-term investments that will help position North Carolina and its universities as major forces in advancing data science research and education, and the use of data for the public good.

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You can also visit the link below for information on an open-source data management software:

    The Integrated Rule-Oriented Data System (iRODS) is an open-source data management software in use at research organizations and government agencies worldwide.  iRODS is supported and     maintained by the iRODS Consortium at RENCI, a research institute of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC-CH).

    iRODS Overview

The result of almost 20 years and $25M of funded research from more than 30 projects, the current release of iRODS is a production-level distribution aimed at deployment in mission critical          environments.  It functions independently of storage resources, and abstracts data control away from storage devices and device location, allowing users to take control of their data.  As data volumes grow and data services become more complex, iRODS is increasingly important in data management.  The development infrastructure supports exhaustive testing on supported platforms; plug-in support for microservices, storage resources, drivers, and databases; and extensive documentation, training and support services.

Synthetic Electric Grid Cases
Synthetic electric grid cases are a representation of power grids with a detailed modeling of the power system dynamics and protections. Works [1] – [3] present a methodology to create entirely fictitious synthetic power system networks that can capture structural and functional characteristics of actual power grids. Synthetic network base cases are extended with generator cost data and dynamic models  for energy economic and transient stability studies in works [4] and [5], respectively.

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