The National Science Foundation (NSF) funded the 3-year project conducted by the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station (TEES)-lead project team. This was among the Big Data Spoke projects awarded $11 million by NSF in 2016.

The principal investigator on this project is provided by Dr. Mladen Kezunovic (Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Texas A&M; Director, TEES Smart Grid Center). Co-Principal Investigators from Texas A&M are Dr. Dilma Da Silva (Professor, Department Head, Computer Science & Engineering), Dr. P.R. Kumar (Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering), and Dr. Le Xie (Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering). Other co-principal investigators are Dr. Santiago Grijalva (Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering) from Georgia Tech, and Dr. Zoran Obradovic (Professor, Center for Data Analytics & Biomedical Informatics) from Temple University. More details on the awards may be viewed at the following websites: award 1, award 2, award 3.