ARPA-E program under DOE: Generating Realistic Information for the Development of Distribution and Transmission Algorithms (GRID DATA)

  1. A Standards-Based Intelligent Repository for Collaborative Grid Model ManagementGridBright, Inc. – Alamo, CA
  2. SMARtDaTa: Standardized Multi-Scale Models of Anonymized Realistic Distribution and Transmission Data –  National Renewable Energy Laboratory – Golden, CO
  3. Sustainable Data Evolution Technology for Power Grid OptimizationPacific Northwest National Laboratory – Richland, WA
  4. Data Repository for Power System Open Models with Evolving Resources (DR POWER) – Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Richland, WA
  5. Synthetic Data for Power Grid R&DThe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign – Champaign, IL.                            A. B. Birchfield, T. Xu and T. J. Overbye, “Power Flow Convergence and Reactive Power Planning in the Creation of Large Synthetic Grids,” to appear in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2018.                                                                          T. Xu, A. B. Birchfield and T. J. Overbye, “Modeling, Tuning and Validating System Dynamics in Synthetic Electric Grids,” to appear in IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2018.
  6. High Fidelity, Year Long Power Network Data Sets for Replicable Power System Research The University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
  7. EPIGRIDS: Electric Power Infrastructure & Grid Representations in Interoperable Data SetsUniversity of Wisconsin-Madison – Madison, WI

Matlab Codes for Power Electrical Engineering