Matlab Codes for Power Electrical Engineering

The powermatlab channel (@powermatlab) shares all your needed matlab codes in field of power electrical engineering every day.

Everyone is welcome to free download and use the code and simulation file.
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Part-1 Part-2
1-Free download of ANFIS Neural Network  1-Free download of Whale Optimization Algorithm 
2-Free download of GMDH Neural Network  2-Free download of SSA Optimization Algorithm 
3-Free download of CNG Neural Network  3-Free download of GA-PSO  Optimization Algorithm 
4-Free download of Kmeans Neural Network  4-Free download of cross entropy Optimization Algorithm 
5-Free download of SVM Neural Network  5-Free download of cuckoo_search Optimization Algorithm 
6-Free download of SOM Neural Network  6-Free download of differential evolution Optimization Algorithm 
7-Free download of PCA Neural Network  7-Free download of GSA Optimization Algorithm 
8-Free download of Stochastic  Neural Network  8-Free download of SwarmFish Optimization Algorithm 
9-Free download of Spiking  Neural Network  9-Free download of ICA  Optimization Algorithm 
10-Free download of Recurrent   Neural Network  10-Free download of IA  Optimization Algorithm 
11-Free download of Radial basis Neural Network  11-Free download of HS  Optimization Algorithm 
12-Free download of Neuro-fuzzy Neural Network  12-Free download of bbo-BIOGEOGRAPHY-BASED Optimization Algorithm 
13-Free download of Learning Vector Quantization Neural Network  13-Free download of BAT Optimization Algorithm 
14-Free download of Kohonen self-organizing Neural Network  14-Free download of ABC Optimization Algorithm 
15-Free download of Hopfield Neural Network  15-Free download of BA Optimization Algorithm 
16-Free download of Dynamic Neural Network  16-Free download of ACO Optimization Algorithm 
17-Free download of Echo state Neural Network  17-Free download of TS Optimization Algorithm 
18-Free download of CNN Neural Network  18-Free download of SA Optimization Algorithm 
19-Free download of Cascading Neural Network  19-Free download of PSO Optimization Algorithm 
20-Free download of Associative Neural Network  20-Free download of GA Optimization Algorithm 

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